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  1. Using a Microsoft AKS cluster to test Keydb's resilience with Python clients

    Today's task: verifying that a Keydb cluster, when deployed via Helm with default values (apart from activating LoadBalancer Service and a custom password), could be resilient to the sudden death of any one of its composing Pods, with no client connection's disruption.

    Also today's task: learn to interact with Redis …

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  2. Monitoring and logging for Kubernetes via Beats -> ElasticSearch (ECK or Elastic Cloud managed service), visualization with Kibana

    First of all, neither the monitored (test) AKS cluster nor the ElasticCloud (test) instance exist anymore, so I've kept the YAML files nearly unedited. You'll find them (complete version) at the end of the article, while throughout it I'll reference some snippets of them. Of course there's a lot of …

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